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FullSizeRender-1In addition to my social media channels, I’ve decided to start this blog in the hopes that it will serve as a communications vehicle between me and you (my valued customers), and other readers interested in learning more about style and fashion. On a monthly basis, I plan to update you on what’s happening with the Curioso Cuff as well as inform you about exciting developments within the fashion industry, and share my commentary on the latest news and trends in the fashion world.

My goal is to offer you insightful information, valuable advice and helpful tips. This is our way of staying connected with those who want to be informed about the industry in which we work.

I hope to bring much value to the fashion and style conversation, and I encourage you to comment on my monthly posts. You are the ones who will ultimately determine the success of this blog. Your ideas and feedback are very important as we build this blog together! Additionally, if you have a great story or any advice you think our readers would enjoy, please email me at info@curiosocuff.com and I’ll add it to the blog. This month, I want to talk about how a good accessory can enhance any woman’s wardrobe. This can also save you money in the long run because it allows you to transform your current outfits. Instead of buying a new wardrobe every season, consider adding a fashion accessory. Whether it’s a bag, a bracelet, or even new shoes, you can give your outfits a fresh look each and every time you go out. Lacking some color or sizzle to your outfit? There’s nothing that a trendy fashion accessory can’t fix!

Your accessory should be as versatile as possible so it will work as an accent to any outfit. That’s one of the reasons my father and I created The Curioso Cuff. This unique bracelet comes with three interactive settings. From a day at the office to a night on the town, this metal weave cuff with its flashing opal suits any occasion and every woman.

If you are tired of jewelry that just hangs there looking pretty, those days are now long gone. Retailing at $24.95, Curioso Cuff is a beautiful bracelet combining artsy aesthetics with functional customization—so now, you can wear your art on your sleeve.

Feeling classy or sassy? You can change the settings on the flashing opal to match your look and mood anytime, anywhere. No matter what style you choose, this metal weave bracelet will make a statement with three eye-catching settings.

The Cuff makes a great gift for a loved one—your daughter, granddaughter, niece, aunt, mom—or even for yourself! Buy it today.

Thank you for your continued support! And don’t forget to check back each month as we dish some free fashion advice and tips.

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