Curioso Cuff Now Featured on MatchProduct

MatchProduct is intended for both inventors looking for licensing or wholesale opportunities and companies seeking that next big hit. The self-provisioned site enables users to signup and list an unlimited number of products. Inversely, companies can easily search the site by category or keyword, and quickly connect with the inventors behind products of interest. When a connection is made, MatchProduct works closely with both the company and seller to negotiate licensing opportunities.

MatchProduct was created by InventionHome, a division of QVC. Its mission is to create a “better model” for inventors to succeed with their inventions. The invention process can be risky and challenging for inventors with only a small percentage of inventions or products succeeding on the market. As a result, they were determined to create a low-cost, low-risk model to minimize the financial risks for inventors. Check out the Cuff on MatchProduct. bg-about-hero-sm

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