Best Ways to Wear a Light Up Bracelet

CuriosoCuff-MultiColor-Tilted[1]Sometimes you want your accessories to be the star of the show. This is especially true if you are wearing a little black dress, headed out to a night on the town with friends, in hopes of meeting that special someone new. That’s just one of the best ways to wear the Curioso Cuff. A piece of jewelry that is more than pretty, it’s the ultimate conversation starter as well. You can’t find anything like this that will attract more attention, and spark new people to want to talk to you just to ask where you got your interesting accessory.

An Accessory Like No Other

Not only is the cuff beautiful, unique, and super stylish, but it can be worn on either of your wrists. It adjusts to fit the wearer perfectly. Made of strong material that is lead and nickel free it won’t irritate your arm at all, even if you are sensitive to different kinds of metals. The woven lace pattern of the cuff is high style at its finest, with the soft glow of the center stone created using three different interactive settings. So you can customize it for a night at a fine dining establishment, or amp it up for a brighter “club ready” version. You’ll be the center of attention with this fine piece of brilliant bling.

Best Flirty Conversation Starters for Your Next Night Out

slide3-picSometimes the local bar or club scene can be a tough place to meet people. You want to stand out in the crowd, be approachable, and have a great time talking to interesting fellow singles, but it’s just not that easy. Women can intimidate men to the point that they don’t even bother approaching a lady they find attractive.

The fact is though that most women like to be approached. They welcome it! You know what makes a fun ice breaker? A Curioso Cuff. This light up fashion bracelet is going to turn heads. Not only is it beautiful on your wrist, but it acts as a conversation starter that people you want to meet will comment on. Anything to get the conversation rolling, right? It even has three interactive settings to customize your experience. So other than this unique fashion piece, here are some other ways to start flirty chatter for your next night out.

Update Your Wardrobe with an Accessory

FullSizeRender-1In addition to my social media channels, I’ve decided to start this blog in the hopes that it will serve as a communications vehicle between me and you (my valued customers), and other readers interested in learning more about style and fashion. On a monthly basis, I plan to update you on what’s happening with the Curioso Cuff as well as inform you about exciting developments within the fashion industry, and share my commentary on the latest news and trends in the fashion world.

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