Best Ways to Wear a Light Up Bracelet

CuriosoCuff-MultiColor-Tilted[1]Sometimes you want your accessories to be the star of the show. This is especially true if you are wearing a little black dress, headed out to a night on the town with friends, in hopes of meeting that special someone new. That’s just one of the best ways to wear the Curioso Cuff. A piece of jewelry that is more than pretty, it’s the ultimate conversation starter as well. You can’t find anything like this that will attract more attention, and spark new people to want to talk to you just to ask where you got your interesting accessory.

An Accessory Like No Other

Not only is the cuff beautiful, unique, and super stylish, but it can be worn on either of your wrists. It adjusts to fit the wearer perfectly. Made of strong material that is lead and nickel free it won’t irritate your arm at all, even if you are sensitive to different kinds of metals. The woven lace pattern of the cuff is high style at its finest, with the soft glow of the center stone created using three different interactive settings. So you can customize it for a night at a fine dining establishment, or amp it up for a brighter “club ready” version. You’ll be the center of attention with this fine piece of brilliant bling. A different way to rock this stellar piece is to wear it around your neck. Some people are taking a satin black ribbon to use the bracelet as a pendent hanging from a necklace. This is also a great look with a scoop neck blouse, v-neck t-shirt, or dressy tank top during the summer months. Any way you choose to accessorize, your Curioso Cuff is going to be the ultimate in fun jewelry that you’ll love to wear anywhere you go.

Helps You Meet New People

If you are the type of person who is a little shy when meeting new people, you will find this eye catching piece of jewelry does the work for you. People will instantly notice that you are wearing something special that no one else has. Then the conversation will flow from there. It’s just that easy when you have the perfect accessory as your wing-man, or lady! You might say the Curioso Cuff is just a little bit magical in the powers of attraction it has for the wearer. Who doesn’t need a little more magic in their life? Especially if wearing this piece of jewelry has the power to make you feel better about yourself. You’ll have something going for you that no one else does. Stand out from crowd with jewelry that will easily “wow” anyone who catches a glimpse of it! So the best way to wear the Curioso Cuff is anytime, and anywhere for all your accessory needs.

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