Best Flirty Conversation Starters for Your Next Night Out

slide3-picSometimes the local bar or club scene can be a tough place to meet people. You want to stand out in the crowd, be approachable, and have a great time talking to interesting fellow singles, but it’s just not that easy. Women can intimidate men to the point that they don’t even bother approaching a lady they find attractive.

The fact is though that most women like to be approached. They welcome it! You know what makes a fun ice breaker? A Curioso Cuff. This light up fashion bracelet is going to turn heads. Not only is it beautiful on your wrist, but it acts as a conversation starter that people you want to meet will comment on. Anything to get the conversation rolling, right? It even has three interactive settings to customize your experience. So other than this unique fashion piece, here are some other ways to start flirty chatter for your next night out.

Just Say “Hi”

It might seem simple, but an old fashioned “hi” or “hello” will actually get the conversation started. You don’t have to think of anything more clever than that. Just showing an interest by starting the greeting will get him or her talking to you. So saddle up to the bar, or scan the room to find someone you want to greet in hopes of having a conversation.

Comment on Their Shoes

People love it when you notice their shoes. Guys and gals included, so making a comment on why you like them in a complementary way will get them to see that you are interested in talking with them. They will also see that you notice the little details. It does help if the person is wearing cool shoes. This can also apply to a shirt, handbag, or other accessory.

Be Confident

No matter what you say, it helps to project an attitude of confidence. Stand up straight, shoulders back, and don’t forget to smile. Half the people who don’t get approached ever in social situations is for the simple fact that they aren’t smiling. So remember how important it is to present a pleasant, happy face. Making eye contact with someone who is across the bar isn’t that hard if you have the belief that you are a great person that anyone would want to talk to.

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